A downloadable game

Simple roguelite based on John Carpenter's "The Thng"

Game is a learner's project written using the libtcod libraries for Python 2.7.  Also uses Pygame and SDL to handle user input and media/audio.

Install instructions

Run big_trouble_in_outpost_31.exe


Big Trouble in Outpost 31.zip 18 MB


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I made an account on this site specifically to tell you how much I enjoyed this game. I'm a huge fan of the movie and have had a lot of fun with this.  There are a few things that I personally would have adjusted or added, for example the level of paranoia with out much going on; I started a game and Macready was killed on turn 2. By the time I actually got inside the station, there was one man and 2 dogs left alive. Also being able to "possess" the limbs, and move them around as little scouts could be fun. But everyone's a critic. Please understand, i'm not complaining, I downloaded this a month ago and keep coming back to it for a quick game. Keep up the good work! 

The game doesn't open for me. 

What's the error?  Is it looking for SDL2?  Had someone else with that issue, still trying to figure out the solution.

No error, a dos screen appears for a half second and then dissapears, no error or words displayed in the dos either.

I have the same problem. Running the exe from powershell gives the following error: 

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "big_trouble_in_outpost_31.py", line 893, in <module>
  File "zipextimporter.pyc", line 82, in load_module
  File "sdl2\__init__.pyc", line 2, in <module>
  File "zipextimporter.pyc", line 82, in load_module
  File "sdl2\dll.pyc", line 115, in <module>
ImportError: could not find any library for SDL2 (PYSDL2_DLL_PATH: unset)